Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

In 2017 we completed our first full annual grantmaking cycle, awarding more than $26 million across our five major initiatives. We’re now a valuable source of funding for organizations across Michigan, supporting fresh ideas and proven models with the potential to benefit people and communities throughout our state. We’ve established our place in Michigan’s philanthropic landscape, building partnerships and addressing health and wellness needs that we’re uniquely equipped to tackle. And even as we hit our stride, we’re not resting. With our partners, we are constantly looking to adopt ideas and best practices that will increase the impact of our funding.

To that end, lessons learned from early grantmaking are informing our programs as we continue to grow, and these lessons also can inform policy and practice that drive system improvements. In 2017 we began evaluating the first, multiyear grants awarded in 2014, and we’ve found that several resulted in positive outcomes and lasting impacts for Michigan residents.

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