Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles: Models and Lessons

Since the creation of the Health Fund, our grant partners have worked diligently to expand access to healthy food and physical activity in Michigan—especially for children and older adults who face disproportionate barriers.

Reports and case studies help us identify key successes and points of growth in these past grants, opening the door for future growth and replication. 


2022 Children’s Health Forum Summary and Participant Recommendations

January 2023
In the fall of 2022, the Health Fund hosted grantees, leaders, and other partners working in children’s food security, nutrition, and fitness. This report reflects insights and recommendations from this group regarding the most persistent challenges and ripest opportunities in these areas.

2017 Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyles Cohort Report

November 2020
The successes and challenges from our first two years of grantmaking reveal some key lessons—particularly about the common ingredients of effective, sustainable projects.

Michigan Food Environment Scan

August 2020
There are hundreds of food interventions in Michigan, from food as medicine programs in clinics to school nutrition initiatives. This report provides a sweeping overview of them all, as well as the communities getting missed.

Case Studies

Feeding, Eating and Succeeding Together (FEAST)

February 2023
Feeding, Eating and Succeeding Together (FEAST) trained parents and caregivers on evidence-based feeding practices to help their children develop positive eating habits, appropriate mealtime behaviors, and a healthy relationship with food.

Flint Genesee Food Policy Council

May 2023
The Flint & Genesee Food Policy Council was formed to coordinate and strengthen the region’s food system, pursue policy solutions, and address social determinants of health. The council’s work aims to increase the supply of locally grown foods and improve food access.

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