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University of Michigan program is a game changer for pediatric feeding disorders

Pediatric feeding disorders require behavioral health intervention and other specialized services, but many children wait months or years for treatment. One Health Fund grantee is helping more kids get better care in less time.

Flickr image courtesy of user Moppet65535 Until

Cutting Red Tape for Michigan Residents

Until this year a Michigan resident looking to register for government...

Tribal traditions help children preserve culture, fight obesity

For Michelle Schulte and the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan, the food-as-medicine movement is an expression of a long-standing tradition—one in which diet and medicine have long been intertwined.

Fighting Childhood Obesity with Family Fitness

How West Michigan families are getting fit, having fun, and staying healthy—together!

Culinary Medicine: Think Like a Chef, Cook Like a Dietician, Eat Like a Local Farmer

The Mediterranean diet is still the gold standard; butter is not, in fact, back; the gut microbiome is a growing field of study giving rise to “prescriptions” for better nutrition.

Mural of produce

Flint Fresh’s fresh take on food access

Flint Fresh’s various programs, including a mobile market, a produce delivery system, and a new Food Hub building, signify a renewed investment in Flint’s future.

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