Workforce Development

Meeting the Demand
For Healthcare in Michigan

Michigan has a shortage of healthcare professionals, leaving many areas medically underserved. The gap is especially acute in areas like geriatrics and behavioral health, two of the Health Fund’s priority issues. With an aging population and the ongoing opioid crisis, the demand will only grow for health services.

The Health Fund believes a robust and growing workforce is critical to meet the current and future health needs of Michigan residents. That’s why we support efforts to build, extend, and strengthen workforce capacity through training and development for clinicians, program staff, and informal caregivers.

These efforts can include train-the-trainer models, new certification programs, curricula to help professionals incorporate new skills, and other scalable or replicable projects.

Additionally, the field of public health or community health is evolving to reflect the needs of the 21st century. Professionals in this area are increasingly focused on reversing trends like obesity and heart disease, and understanding how social determinants impact health outcomes and perpetuate health disparities.

In this context, we partner with organizations that are generating interest in healthcare and public health fields among Michigan’s young people, and developing the workforce that we need to prepare for a healthy future.

In our grantmaking

Some of our grant opportunities require proposals to address one of our cross-cutting goals. Make sure to check specific RFPs for more details.

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